Thursday, June 02, 2005

Deep (link) throat

Yesterday Damien Mulley wrote about the geeker side of the "unmasking of Deep Throat... "This leads me on to the idea that Amazon and other online stores should have a Google Zeitgeist style frontpage where people can buy merchandise based on today's and this week's main news stories."

Actually such a thing almost exists.
The Weblog Bookwatch searches weblogs that pass through the Recently Changed list at looking for links to books at, Barnes & Noble, or Powells. If a newsworthy story has a book attached to it, then if someone blogs about it (and in this case links to a relevant site) then it shows up.

It shouldn't be that hard for example NewsMap (currently the "Deep Throat" story is the largest) parses news stories to "lump" them together. In theory you could cross link the news stories with searches in Amazon (or pick your web shop of choise) and there you go. The topical shop.

Given how oftern saw G.W. Bush is in the news, which of the many books about him (both for and against him) would be linked to his stories?

And here's hoping that "Deep Throat" links are connected to "All the President's Men" and not the namesake...

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