Wednesday, August 20, 2003

Gentle reader,
Actually, that's not true,

I do know why I've done this. I used to have a site at (called Cork-Host) but something went very wrong one day, and among the items lost was my ability to update the site without going in to the office.

Since I'm in Cork and the office is in Dublin, there was a little problem (about 200 miles of problem), so here I am.



One of the advantages of the blog world is that :
1) It's easier to update and
2) I don't HAVE to update at a regular time.

I'll try to keep an eye of Cork people, places and weird things (I like weird) and let anyone know what stupid things I'm getting up to each time.

Normal is boring.
Or at the very least, is the most common, and therefore the least interesting.

take care,


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