Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Info Dump

Gentle reader,

Another Info Dump, with my usual opinions of what is good and worth seeing...
In chronological order...

September 24
The Frames Cork Opera House (late show) with support from Life After Modelling and Mark Palmer.

September 25
There is a lot on this Saturday...
The Frames move to the Everyman Palace.
Life After Modelling do a free show at An Brog. To be honest, I have no idea if they are any good. They just seem to get mentioned a lot in the mails that come in.
The venue also sees Stanley Super 800 playing today.
Bell X1 are due at De Barras in Clonakilty with Matt Lunson. They are also meant to be doing a live in-store performance in Virgin Records, but I'm not too sure it that's the one in Daunt Square or not.

September 26
The Frames move back to the Opera
House. Also in the Opera House are Bell X1 and Jeff Martin.

September 27
Snatch do another Comedy Workshop on Improvised Comedy at The Granary Theatre form 1pm to 6pm this Sunday. Cost is €10. The first session they'll introduce the very first steps in Improv through the use of the 3 Basic Concepts of: acceptance, spontaneity and awareness. To book end an email to info@snatchcomedy.com with your name and mobile phone number.

October 1
Halite play in Cypress Avenue to promote their new album, released that day.

October 7
David Kitt returns to Cork to play in in UCC (well I assume that University Of Cork is UCC).

October 8
Not one of my picks, but I'm hearing talk about them on the radio (not actually hearing any tracks from them, just talk). Archie Bronson Outfit do a free gig in the Pine Lodge, Myrtleville.
Life After Modelling come back to play with The Walls & Iain Archer. No idea as to who is supporting who.

October 18
The Divine Comedy play the Everyman.
This is also when The Hunger gets re-released on DVD with a bunch of extras. Sorry lads, Catherine wins.

October 27
The Elliott Smith Memorial Fund, The Lobby 9pm. Myles O’Reilly from Juno Falls, Ian Whitty, and 2FM favourites Ellison9 are just three of the acts paying homage to the late Elliott Smith. Turn's Ollie Cole will also be performing. The line-up also includes Paul O’Reilly, David Nelligan, Dave Ferriter (of Mir), John Kelly (of The Fallen), Barry Haugh (of Wonderland), and Kilter.

October 29
Lonnie Liston Smith the Jazz keyboardist and singer plays An Crúiscín Lán. Must be the Jazz Festival weekend! I'll mention stuff sent in, but I'm not going out of my way to get listings. I'm thinking of getting out of the festivals way to be honest.

Oh and James Yorkston & The Athletes play An Crúiscín Lan on October 10.
And with that my listings for Cork run out. For now, I still have lots of stuff in the inbox to go over.

take care,


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