Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Don't try to breath while 90 feet underwater

Things I learned at lunch...

Air can get trapped under a filling.

Normally this isn't too bad (other than implying that your filling is incorrectly, well, filled). However when diving, it's...

"and the pressure was building up in there. He was screaming in agony so much that he kept forgetting to breath." Due to the pain, he wanted to get to the surface as quickly as possible. Due to the depth, the other divers had to hold him back to prevent getting the bends (no matter how painful a trapped air bubble in your tooth is, it's preferable to having air bubbles trapped in your veins).

Around 45 feet from the surface, the filling exploded. His palette is scarred, but the relief was immediate. I don't know how long he spent in A&E that evening.

Let's just say that it wasn't the typical Jazz Weekend for him.

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