Monday, December 20, 2004


There are some things I hate about Cork City.

Sometimes I change my mind.

One of which is... Drive down Popes Quay... It's a one way system, and you can't get off it. You drive down to the North Gate Bridge and wait at the lights. The lights change to green and you turn left to cross the bridge, just in time to see the lights at the other end of the bridge change to red.

So you're stuck there. When they were doing road works in the area, the lights at least let the bridge clear, but no, they changed the lights back.

So you're stuck there.

Staring at the North Gate Building.

A residential building.

With no curtains.

You know the phrase, "dance like there's no one watching". Well I would like to thank the people on the third floor for putting on a most entertaining show while I was stuck on the bridge waiting for the lights to change.

You may want to buy some curtains now.

take care,


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