Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Snatching at Everyman

I don't know if Snatch know this, but their news mails are the unoffical e-mail guide to the Everyman.

Anyway, they are looking for a woman.

OK, let's try that again.... they are looking for a female improviser (and yes some experience in improvisation is required). They'll be at the Granary Theatre Studio (upstairs) on Saturday February 5th from 4pm until 7pm.

And on to the highlights in the Everyman...

Shakespeare's Villains with Steven Berkoff
The man is brilliant. It's going to be great. I won't even bother with the offical press release, because there is no point. It's going to be good if not brilliant.
Tuesday 25 - Saturday 29 January, 8pm. Tickets EUR25, EUR18 Conc.

Sisters, it's billed as a world premiere presented by City Theatre, Dublin... which really means it's a show outside of Dublin to get all the bugs out of it.
Still, it's a first.
Written by Cork's Declan Hassett, staring Tony Award winner Anna Manahan and it's set in 50's Ireland.
Preview Monday 31 January, 8pm, special tickets price: EUR12.50, Opening Tuesday 1 February, 8pm, tickets: EUR23, EUR15 conc., Matinee Saturday 5 February, 2.30pm, all tickets: EUR15.

I don't know if it's any good, but Manahan has a good track record to say the least.

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