Thursday, January 13, 2005

Two nighter in the Granary

The Self-Obsessed Tragedy of Ed Malone
by Edward Malone

The Granary Theatre Studio
January 25 & January 27
For Two Performances Only at 9p.m.
Tickets: £8/£5 conc.
Bookings: 021-4904275

A Cork, Munster and World premiere. In other words this is something either being tried out or thrown together. A biopic, solo performance, written and
performed by Edward Malone, a Cork-born actor, writer, drinker and
improvisational street performer. I like the drinker included in the job description.

The play charts Malone's story through a series of
bizarre reminiscences and deranged rants about modern life. His failed
romantic endeavours, his experiences as a homosexual-wannabe, his mammy and
his daddy, his one job ever, and his failure to handle his drink, all from a
central character who clearly watches far too much episodes of Home and Away
for his own good. Directed by Brian Desmond.

To be honest, the Home and Away reference is enough to stop be going, but I can think of people who would go just for that

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