Monday, February 13, 2006

Bane tube

Emily Bell wrote a piece on the value of media. (Short version of here piece, why pay £3 for a 30 second download when a 2 hour movie (film four) is now free to view)

I don't have a TV license. I don't have a TV.
When I moved house I decided against getting one.
Now I clearly have a PC, and I have a xboxcube-statiun hooked up to a monitor. Since I don't have equipment capable of receiving TV signals, (even if I did I don't have the standard coax cable needed for the socket in the wall) I'm not worried about the detector van finding something what isn't there.
I also have a bunch of unwatched DVDs (thanks for Dune) and unplayed games cause I don't have the time to sit down and devote hours of time to do so.

A podcast of the news is more useful to me than a 30 min broadcast. A mobile download of a "Fast Show" style clip is more useful as I can afford a 30 second downtime, but not a 30 minute one.

A little portable TV in gridlock would be more useful than wide-plasma-where-did-the -wall-go TV, but it's far from safe to do that.

"If a person is watching TV on a laptop/PDA that is plugged into the mains, then the place they are using it should be licensed" is a little weird to say the least. I does get rid of the loophole of a permanent portable (i.e. a mobile device which is always in place every night). I think the way to cover this would be multiple detections... But I suspect one "blip" and the letter is in the post.

My life is avoiding the issue with the inspectors, but I suspect I'm a lone voice in this. But one with an unwatched DVD collection and an ever increasing pile of the newspapers that come with it.


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