Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Its such a short gap between the gutter and stars

A (long?) while back I wrote half a song called "Let's all play the media game" (really must dump the lyrics here some day). It's more or less a story about the wannabe media culture (which I'll admit biting to). However Just Jack has done better with "Starz In Their Eyes" or rather "(Why you wanna go and put) Starz In Their Eyes".

You can guess what its about, but in sound its a little closer to Mike Skinner / The Streets. This single is due out on January 15 and the album "Overtones" around the end of January (standard starting time for new artists... so they don't get lost in the Christmas rush) but, well, he's been noticed big time as you can see from this performance on Later... with Jools Holland (YouTube embedded below).

I heard his other single, "Writers Block" a while back (vanished?)... he's good.
And I think it's release date hits the new version of "You're a Star".

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