Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Forget the world, since you've gone

I've girded myself up to spray another spurt of text across the net again. I sort of have to get in the habit of posting more often, but ...

I'll do a Barcamp report shortly, but I've been looking at my own blog, and there will be changes soon.

For those of you visiting (as opposed to RSS reading) you'll see a long blogroll of bands on the Left hand side. It's going to go away soon.
I've been using the wonders of "MyBlogLog" to see that, with the exceptions of Snow Patrol and The Frames those links go largely ignored.

Which makes sense since it's been a long time since I've blogged about music and gigs.

So I'll offer this... a shared google calendar of Cork Gigs. If you have any gigs or events you would like to see included, just e-mail me the details with "GIG" in the title so the spam filter doesn't eat it up.

I'm surprised that various venues don't offer their own shared calendar of events.

Not exactly a European Irish listing but...

And typing of Snow Patrol... (and the frequent search for "john marr - toxic rhythm" which lands on the blog due the mashup and Bootie weakness I have) I'll thank Rick O'Shea for this mashup... (I'll give it a week before YouTube take it down).

The Police Vs. Snow Patrol - "Every Car You Chase"

and to return the favour

John Marr - Ain't No Other Man Can Get Get Down

take care,

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