Wednesday, January 07, 2004


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The Lobby has sent out it's January listing, so it's time for my completely biased look at what I'd like to see...

Skipping to today's date...
Wed 7th to be confirmed...
Oh well...

Here are two local acts getting a weekend slot, so wither they are good or the Lobby had an empty weekend!

Fri 16th Jason O'Driscoll €7
Jason has made his mark on the music scene,
playing in and around Cork for the past few years. Recently released his excellent and long awaited debut album Dharma.

Sat 17th Urbandrive €7
Cork based band featuring Richard Macilwraith, Caroline McCall, Brian Murphy and Gary Pearson. Formed in 2002 when four experienced musicians amalgamated to experiment in developing their original material and background influences to produce their debut EP which was released to much critical acclaim.

Now this one I want to see, just for value for money....
Thurs 22nd Rulers of the Planet €7
This Cork 5-piece are back with a
scintillating follow-up to their debut EP. We Are The Late Night Terror Death Squad should confirm to anyone who heard their excellent debut that Rulers of the Planet are at the top of the pile of this country's hard rocking bands.
Special guests La Rocca.

I have personal reasons for promoting this band...
Sat 24th Elephant Cork based band. €7
Catherine is in the band, and I did Jesus Christ Super Star with her.
I still think that Elephant is a really bad name, but it's the level of curiosity which is making me go to this...
I've heard her sing, but not the band.
Catherine is also a very nice person. This is coming from me and I trust me on this.

Isn't it annoying when a name rings a bell, and you can't figure out why. That's the case with...
Wed 28th Clare O'Mahony €7
Singer/songwriter from Cork. "Soulfire" her 5-track self-released CD has received rave reviews. "If you've not previously had the pleasure then do yourself a favour, because it's impressive stuff indeed. "Soulfire" is a low-key, folky and lovely introduction to a new voice who sounds capable of making a real mark in the future". Plus Andy Dunne.

that's all for now...

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