Friday, January 16, 2004


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I don't really know who Barra O'Tuama is but he appears to have opera to hand.

The Opera Gala at Cork City Hall is sponsored by Bord Gáis featuring the superb Australian Tenor Julian Gavin, the Soprano Suzannah Clarke and the magnificent Italian Baritone Giuseppe Altomare all accompanied by Philli P Thomas with special guests in the form of the Airport Singers conducted by Anne Healy-Mayes.

The gala takes place in the City on Saturday January 24.

There is a second Gala in April featuring the return of the world’s leading Verdi Baritone Paolo Gavanelli with Special Guest Maurizio Saltarin (Tenor) and the Pro Arte Orchestra. The conductor for the evening will be Colman Pearce. Again in the City Hall this time on Saturday April 3.

For tickets to these events on the City Hall contact the Cork Opera House Booking Office (021 4270022). The tickets are on sale there due to the closure of the Central Box Office.

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