Thursday, February 19, 2004

Have I got old news for you

Gentle reader,

Given the nature of a blog, you tend to write (hype and bull) about current events.
Someone (from the site) sent in this link.

The showband era is something that your parents, or grandparents (yup, that far back, before my time too) could tell you about.

Before television, before radio there were thousands of (village?) halls all around the country which required live music to get the young people in there buying overpriced soft drinks and cigs.

The phrase "send them home sweatin'" came from this era. Oddly some of them are still going. Joe Dolan is the best known, but Big Tom (when he wasn't that big) and The Paddy Cole band (warning, 70's fashions) are still going. Most died with, well, Radio Caroline and Punk.

The Jiveanaries site is more of less an archive. There is a Jiveanaries band still, but I have no idea what there are like.

For those who remember the era well, I'm ending on a sad note.
The funeral of Maeve Mulvany-Moore, 58, (died Saturday, Feb. 14th in Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston), wife of Butch Moore, (died in 2001) was today.

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