Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Taking it with you

Gentle reader,

Every so often work and life collide. This isn't one of them. Yet.

The article "You Can Take It With You" is about portable storage. Yawn, I know.

Portable storage means better sounding, smaller sized, larger spaced MP3 players and camera phones. And mobile phone able to have the resources to do silly things.

2005 is going to be the "Cork 2005" or the City of Culture. Well culture and Culture are not always that clear. Small "c" culture is not Opera, gallery openings and galas. Small "c" culture is things at the street level that have an impact.

New dye techniques mean that suddenly the streets get brighter with clothes in vivid red and yellow. Spell checkers mean you can read this. The internet means a myriad of news reports completely unfiltered by the media. We all know what the printing press did for books and reading, but if Phillips get e-paper working cheaply it could mean you could hook up a device to collect and store the entire Project Gutenberg archive of classics.

Or to go back to the dye techniques, clothes with moving patterns (and sea sickness bags for everyone. Sorry). There are downsides. "A two-gigabyte microdrive can hold an entire continent worth of mapping data." While that means never getting lost, it makes tracking movements possible too. Spray paint may mean scrawled graffiti for some, but the front of Prime:Time of Washington Street shows, it can mean brilliant artwork. (In both meaning of brilliant).

Small "c" culture is a changing of attitudes, and EVERYBODY being involved. Not just the elite few.

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