Friday, February 06, 2004

Sticks and bones

Gentle reader,

"What are they doing?"

This was asked on the Sunday at Warpcon. The Fair Maiden and I had met one of her friends (I'm calling her the exercyclist until she picks a better name for herself. This is because she cycles around Dublin a lot, not because her head spins round a lot.) The place was the new "frontage" at the UCC student centre. It's a glass, well, front that looks out on to a courtyard.

In the courtyard were a large group of people; mixed ages from, oh, 12 to well, old enough to know much better and possibly have a fully paid off mortgage (yup, that old). Anyway the men and women, boys and girls were mostly locked in one-on-one combat with a wide variety of weapons not seen outside of a warped fantasy movie director.

Which reminds me, saw "Big Fish" with the Fair Maiden and the Librarian. It's good, if a little too long and paced for kids (take note you cruel parents bring children easily bored to what should be an adults film).

I think (hope) that these were the foam weapons I played with last year.

"They can hurt" said the Exercyclist.

"Is that from experience?" I asked.

"Well, yes." she replied "I was asked not to play this time because of all the injuries I caused last time"

take care,


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