Monday, August 16, 2004

News dump

Gentle reader,
Some news for you... Some of it old, some of it new.

Very new news. Snow Patrol is this week's number one in Ireland.

Also The Bodega have dropped their prices on minerals by 25% "which is a welcome development and one I hope we'll see much more of in Cork!" (Thanks for the info Dodgy)

This week the leaving cert results come out. Wednesday will be a challenge in town. Perhaps come quality DVD time is called for.

Taken from Hotpress but I don't think they'll mind. Brendan Bell at BBC Radio Ulster would like it known that he's actively looking for folk and traditional artists to review and/or interview on his 'Arts Extra' show – so if you could do with a plug, feel free to contact him directly on or by telephone at 048 90338091.

Very old news, but it might be of interest. The George Murphy single "The Moon going Home" is the song John Spillanne wrote for him to sing at the Eurovision. Murphy was knocked out before he had a chance to perform it. Would it have gotten more than 7 points?

Alphastates have a new single "Last Day Of Summer" due out on August 27.

Bonnie Prince Billy releases a new single, "Agnes, Queen Of Sorrow", on 27 August.

The Devlins released their 4th album, Waves, on August 6.

Cork DJs Greg Dowling and Shane Johnson have released a new single, Hey Mr California, on Dublin-based deep house label Blusoul.

The Frames announced a major headline gig to finish the summer. They will play Marlay Park, Dublin on Saturday 21 August with special guests including Supergrass, Bell X1, Idlewild and Halite.
The Hansard family release their new single the day before. Their Burn The Maps album is due out on September 17.

Mark Geary releases his new album, Ghosts, on 27 August. Written and recorded in the U.S., France and Ireland and touched by the frequently used Odlum brothers Ghosts is more on the upbeat and melodic side of Geary's work.

Halite release their second album, Courses, on October 1. Which is the day they play Cork.

Dublin based Large Mound released their second album, "Go Forth And Amplify", on this Wednesday 11 August.

Damien Rice released his B-Sides collection on Friday 13 of August on his own DRM label.
While there are no new songs on it, B-Sides collects the additional tracks from his last 4 international singles. In addition the UK radio edit version of "Cannonball" will be included on the Irish version.

Saucy Monky tour Ireland again in support of their new album Turbulence. On Friday September 10 they play Connolly's of Leap, West Cork and on Saturday September 11 they hit The Lobby. Yes I like them and if I'm able I'm intending on going.

Take care,


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