Thursday, July 29, 2004

oops! and whut?

Good evening, today will be about US politics.

No I'm not touching the Democratic Convention in Boston, I'm talking about technology and politics.

Florida has had another election count upset (or the first one is still going on). According to The Register department for elections has admitted that server crashes have wiped out the voter records from the Miami-Dade county elections in 2002.

The quote I love is... "We will never know how good or bad the audit capability because the data is gone," Lida Rodriguez-Taseff, an attorney and chairwoman of the coalition told The Herald. "What this shows from a big-picture perspective is that no one knows what's going on."

And someone was trying top persuade the Irish Electorate to go electronic all the way earlier this year.

The other item of political interest is in Reading Mastery - Level 2 Storybook 1, is a very good book. Apparently the story "The Pet Goat" is truly amazing. You might remember that story. Guess what a certain president was reading when two planes hit two towers in New York in 2001?

Ignore the book, just look at the customer reviews (be quick, they keep being taken down!) the "Customers who bought this book also bought:" section and the "Listmania!" section. Considering the political interest in the book, I'm surprised that it hasn't been reprinted. Then again it might depend on the politics of the publisher. I suspect that isn't the publisher, but if I'm wrong...

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