Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Worth about 50 cent

Well Google vanished for about three hours yesterday in a puff of virus. I only found out about it by reading about it online. There are times when work gets done after all. (See I earn my pay cheque, honest).

Anyway, the article mentions the classic "self googling", so I did so.

Almost... came up first. Weird stories (it was the reference to Scott Kurtz of PVP that kept me reading) and I have to buy one of their Republicans for Voldemort t-shirts.

Anyway I noticed a weird link to this site. So I looked.
I have never heard of blogshares before. But somehow I'm being traded!

I would like to thank Rick Gebhardt purely because he seems to be the only person actually buying my shares! And while I'm at it, thanks Donncha for linking to me.

I wonder how I can manipulate my "worth". I want to be worth more than Blogger. Cue "Evil Laugh".
Oh if someone with membership to blogshares is reading this, can you include me in Ireland?

take care,


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