Tuesday, July 13, 2004

The blank page

Gentle reader,

To be honest I'm not too sure I should be writing about this, but I'm here. I'm writing about work.

Now this isn't a bitching session, but about a project.

It's a wiki.

Now why on earth would you want to do a wiki at work?

Well, when you work on a project spread across four continents (well three continents and one sub continent) a lot of questions get asked. Having something easily and remotely updated means that a lot of questions get asked.

And these questions and answers remain in the open for all to see and search for. Changes in how things operate are highlighted, new features are clarified.

The idea is to prevent the "islands of information" problem. That and everyone asking Bob (same thing really but one person suffers from the "big bus" theory ("Bob look out for that bus" "What bus?" "splat")).

The scary thing is the blank page.

When you start a wiki, you've got have to start with something to create (or force) WikiWords which creates more pages and words and ... go see recursion.

So how do you start?

take care,


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