Thursday, June 24, 2004

St John's Eve

Gentle reader,
I remember my first St John's Eve.

It was a Sunday. The Dublin-Cork train runs on a hill overlooking the Blackpool valley before it goes in to "the" tunnel. That twilight evening, the air was dark with smoke and on the hills stood the flare of hundreds of small bonfires.
"What's going on?"
"It's Saint John's Eve."

I have to admit I know nothing about the ceremony and the link. These summer bonfires mostly replace the usual hallowe'en fires of my childhood (yes I'm a blow in). In that respect it's like "Women's Little Christmas", something that seems to only really get celebrated in Cork.

I half remember St. John's Eve being one of the witches holidays (both equinoxes and solstices), but I don't understand the link to Cork.

Anyone care to tell me?
Oh, and is this also celebrated in the Shannon area? It sort of matters at the moment.

take care,


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