Wednesday, June 16, 2004


You know Clo, I can't help but think that Minister Martin got something right, but maybe not quite for the right reasons.
Last weekend, Galway City had a buzz about it.

The streets were thronged with revellers, and there were at least 10 hen parties (the silly costumes make them easier to recognise than the plainly dressed stags). But the Quay Street felt like you had walked in to one big party.

The pubs were packed, but on the summer's day, the streets were packed with the over spill, all chatting away.

It's the smoking ban that did it!

Before, the pubs would be packed, and the merriment would all be out of sight behind darkened doors. With the smokers outside, there is less peer pressure to go in. Considering the volume of some of the "entertainment" these places had, you had to leave if you wanted a chat.

But the improvement of the atmosphere in the pubs has led to an improvement in the atmosphere of the place. For different meaning of the word atmosphere of course.

I wonder if the same thing happened in Temple Bar?

In Cork, it's not exactly the same. Our expanded Patrick Street would be their Eyre Square (both under re-construction at the moment). Oliver Plunkett Street isn't pedestrians only. Paul Street and Rory Gallagher Place are a mass of road works and barriers. But once the blocks are down, the real capital might feel like a party capital.

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