Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Oscar Pistorius

Well I'm not that sporting.
As a child the only activity I got was moving the joystick.
However I can tell buzz about a boy.

"I certainly see Oscar as having a legitimate shot at qualifying," said American sprinter Brian Frasure, speaking of 17-year-old Oscar Pistorius from South Africa.

Oscar has just run a sub 22 second (21.97 seconds) in Athens this week. Pistorius is only 43 hundredths of a second off the qualifying time for the 200 metres for the junior world championships. There are legitimate whispers for the 2008 Olympics.

The Pretoria schoolboy has a distinct disadvantage over the other competitors for the 2008 Olympics. He is a double-leg amputee. There is a picture of him doing the "victory lap" in this news article..

Marlowe Hood asked if an athlete with a prosthetic leg could compete in the Games, and the reply from an International Athletics Federation official was "There is no mention of prosthetics in the rules," ... "The case has never presented itself".

I suspect the case is going to be presenting itself very soon!

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