Friday, December 03, 2004

Skinless in Seattle

I remember the Körperwelten exhibition (probably work safe, but not completely lunch safe) when I visited Austria (during the last chance back-pack inter-rail holiday I took. Actually the last holiday I took).

At the time, Gunther von Hagen wasn't well know, and most of the staff were students in white coats. Also we had about three words of German between the four of us (Danke, Bitte and Bier). All of this meant that it wasn't until we were leaving that we realised that the "fake flayed human bodies" posing around us were not fake flayed human bodies. ("Wow. You add fake hair on to the arms". "Fake?").

Anyway, the exhibition has expanded (the original didn't have the "horse and rider") and it's touring the United States.

Anyway, you can download a Hacked Hacker as a wallpaper.

From the photo, I think that they did something awful to the face...
probably too much spam.

take care,


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