Monday, November 29, 2004

lights in the sky

The main problem with having a whole lot of stuff on your plate is that you leave the little things untouched.

This is a little thing.

But Christmas in Cork has started properly.

The lights on Patrick Street were lit last night.

Whoop-de-do. (remember to say that in a sarcastic tone)

Some of the things work. The "starbursts" on Moderne. The "strips" of coloured lights on the Flannery lamps. The little blue lights on the trees.

Some things don't. The "star" lamps on the east side of the street are, well, they look like they were bought in a pound shop for 50 cent. Which was still a rip-off. (They might have worked if the street was dark, but Patrick Street isn't)

I'm not too sure about the abstract panels strung across the street, but they do look a little like the Cork 2005 logo (the firework one) so I'll leave it.

They are a damm sight better than the "furry" things they used to put over the street.

Next year, get more of the blue lights. They would work really well on the big Christmas trees on the street (which for some reason don't smell like Christmas trees).


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