Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Jelly Legs

This weekend was a quite one for me.

Most of it was spent on the couch going through the unread newspapers and magazines that I refuse to recycle / throw out until after I read them (not all of then were bought for the free CD on Sunday. Honest). And sneezing a lot.

I'm up to October 10. Apparently there is a big election due to happen soon in America:)

But I escaped the couchs clutches to hit a car boot sale near by. That's there I picked up Jelly Legs by Mundy.

I'm mentioning this because it shows that you have more exciting weekends than I do, and because Mundy is due to play Cork this weekend.

Mundy and special guest Ian Whitty play the Everyman Palace Theatre on Sunday 14th November at 8pm. I think there are more tickets left.

take care,


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