Thursday, February 03, 2005

Coming back

There are a few "big name" gigs coming to Cork soon...

New Zealanders take over the Cork Opera House on Sunday April 3 when Finn Brothers and Bic Runga come to town.

Or rather come back to town. The Finns seem to keep popping up on Lobby and Sirius listings and Bic was sent to West Cork to write and record her album. So this is a sort fo homecoming.

And in poppier news, "Bryan McFadden brings his Irish Son tour to Cork 2005" on Saturday July 2. I'm assuming that the quote is a typo, hopefully someone left out the 'in' between 'Cork' and '2005'. Either that or the media in Dublin have yet to figure out that 'Cork 2005' is about a city, and not an event in a gallery somewhere.

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