Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Everyone else is talking....

Ratzinger is the new pope?
You're not joking?

I have to admit, practically lobying for the job from the pulpit is an unusual way to begin, but still.

JP2 was an unknown who entered without much opinion on anyone's side. Benedict 16 has to prove a few things to more than a few people. Even if their opinions are based on false information. (No he wasn't in the Hitler Youth, that was his brother, and I think it was a join or be in trouble type thing).

In other news...
Marla Ruzicka Was murdered in a car bomb attack on the airport road in Iraq. I sort of knew her throught other people. It just brings far off lands a little closer.

And releated to that... "Iranian authorities have shut down the Tehran offices of Al-Jazeera". (I have no idea how I got on some of my press release lists). From the report, they were being a little too "fair and balanced" against the government.

Oh well, hopefully I'll have my machines back soon... They look sorry in pieces on the floor.

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