Thursday, April 28, 2005

A stubborn stage

"Why on earth did you cycle in?"

It's pissing rain (usually that phrase is bandied about too much, but in this case it was a constant stream) and dark.

The reason was...

1) Going to a rehearsal, so I only needed the script.
2) It wasn't that far.
3) I've been off the bike since (roughly) April 12. I needed to get things a little un-rusty.
4) Once I decide I'm cycling, hell and (ankle-)high water won't stop me. Punctures of course will.

Now, I was togged out to miss the worst of the rain, but as I said before, waterproofs don't work on me since I sweat like a race horse when cycling... that and shorts mean you only have to dry skin and not cloth.

but it's bloody cold out there.

So I did the rehearsal with "civvies" over the kit, getting damper and damper.

I'll not be cycling in tonight. (Cause I can't find the key to the lock, I'm not leaving the bike leaning against a wall somewhere).

As an aside, I'm going to be joining a bunch of grannies tonight.


Well the above play I'm in, and one I'm directing are part of the One Act Play competition taking place on May 17-18 and May 20-21 in the Fr. Mathew Hall (beside RTE Cork if you need to know). The Cork teams are on mid-week and the Dublin groups take the place over on the weekend.

The reason that there is no show on the 19th is that it turns in to a bingo hall every Thursday.

So a gang of us are going tonight to see the stage, find out what we can and can't do, and maybe win something at the bingo.

Silly, but still...

take care,


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