Tuesday, August 02, 2005

And so I'm Back

... from outer space, typing of which... The shuttle is off it's tiles and Xena(mania) is due to hit, or at least bump on to our screens as plannet 10 (when did Sedna get downgraded?).

I suspect that Xena was a joke which the media liked too much.

At the moment, I'm in a little pain havent bumped in to friends and ended up in the CorkPride celebrations on Sunday. Crawled home late on Monday morning (damm you sunrise) and had to crawl out far too early.

Still suffering the effects of a doggy burger I think!

Hopefully I'll have my mind working for rehersals for the Shandon Historical Tour on Sunday. (3pm Sunday 7th, on Church Street, but it's more or less the Shandon Bells themselves).

take care,

oh my gosh... my account is full of mail


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