Wednesday, September 07, 2005

news and opinion

First off, it's old news but I like the Peoples Republic of Cork take on the use of the mind meld technique by the county's GAA football team.

In other news, Robert A. Iger want's to get rid of windows. No this isn't an anti-Microsoft rant, but Iger is replacing Michael Eisner as the head of Disney and the window he wants to get rid of is the one between the cinrma release date and the DVD release date.

I can't helping if it could work to the advantage of cinema owners to borrow the TV sets. At the moment, the quality of TV is, well, brilliant. Alias, Battlestar Glactica, Desparate Housewives, Doctor Who, Lost and more are better than the stuff being sent to the cinema at the moment.

And there is also a "window". Usually bewtween the first airing in the US (or the UK and Ireland in the case of Doctor Who) and their transmissions in other countries.

Why not use this gap?

Show double or triple episodes for 3 to 4 weeks (US repeate schedule allowing) over here in cinemas. Somehow I think seeing an attack in deep space or a bungled seduction is better on a 40 foot screen than a 24 inch one.

And since they are made for broadcast in widescreen, there are no formatting problems.

In fact, now that the movies are being digitally broascast to the cinemas instead of being shipped on reels, it's even easier.

Would it work?


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