Thursday, November 24, 2005

Cranks and quotes

I'm sorry.

I just don't get modern art. I thought I did, but I find it hard to see a lot of the art in it.

I went to the Terminal show in the Triskel, and for the most part, I was bored.

Not quite fair, I found the "travelling armchair" (an artist decorated the lift as a sitting room) quirky.
I found the curtained-off video booth of the prostitutes in India (literally street walking you smutty minded people) unusual in the grounds of being, well quirky.

I found the table laid out for an tea ceremony, uninspired.
I found the technical drawing to be worse than what I did in the leaving...

"Oh, you did tech drawing" said the bell-ringer at lunch.
"Did you do spirals, eccentrics and cranks?"
"Spirals and cranks, yes." I replied "But what's an eccentric?"
The librarian raised his hand to volunteer himself.

My point is that I didn't leave impressed.

As for the carved dildos... I thought they were badly done mushrooms. I wasn't going to spend €100 on them. (I don't have €100!)
And it looked like no one else was putting their hand in their pocket either.

Thank technology for the mobile phone.
I got a SMS and pretended it was a call and so excused myself.

My idea of art is something I can't do. Based on what I say, no wonder people are buying blank canvases and doing things for themselves.


p.s. an eccentric is a wheel where the axis is not in the centre.


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