Thursday, February 23, 2006

Endless time

My schedule spilleth over. Work can catch me, but missing appointments WAS just a phone call away.
Back in the time before mobiles, people dealt with other people more often, and if there weren't in, they weren't in.
People and animals get impatient or bored or tired. The sun goes to bed, so all outdoor work tends to cease.
Now we have machines..

Computers are always hungry for more input. How many blogs need more posts?
A problem keeps calling. Be it a DNA sequence, a code loop, a jigsaw puzzle or an engine.
The inanimate will wait, but because it can wait we keep trying to get it to work. The head space when you are inside a problem is timeless.

I know that when I get in that headspace the only thing which will pull me out of it is someone distracting me, or hunger saying "eat now".
You forget that human contact is needed. There is nothing in the human body which says "meet now" at regular intervals.

Perhaps there should be.



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