Friday, March 10, 2006

Why are bagpipes following me in to the bathroom?

Every so often my life goes weird.

Last night, after an oddly bad rehearsal I called TheCub.

"We're being thrown out of here, why don't you meet us in the centre in a few minutes"

The center in this case is the student centre in UCC.

I entered to hear, well, something Riverdance-ish. Looking through a pair of glass dorrs I could see a large number of (what later turned out to be) Spanish musicians on the stage, and a pair of people pogoing in the crowd.

It turns out that I landed in the middle of CeltFest (no link sorry. I've lost the documentation, but I'll try to add a link if I find them).

Cool stuff. But practice sessions were being held in the hallways and the bathrooms...

A bagpipes drone is not music to flush stuff by.

take care,


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