Saturday, May 27, 2006

14mins 57seconds left

Well that's over. The Late Late is a long proces.

The rehersal started at 2.30 (it was meant to be 2pm but..) and a lot of practice runs and a recording happened.

Yes folks who saw us. Part of what was broadcast was an audio recording... therewas no piano on the set on the night.

First reactions... the Late Late set is tiny. It's in studio 4 (downgraded from studio 1?). The main TV building is a lot more interesting than the radio building. And the coffee is just as good(!) as what I'm used to... despite all the moaning you hear.

We erte released to the canteenat 5pm... some of us hung around there for a while.
Time didn't move that slowly... after all we had a kids sets, a church, the "cafe" set and half of the afternoon show set to play with.

Also a few members of the Munster team were there. Yes some of the chorus turned in to groupies, (No one took their offers) and Leane Rimes (I think that's how its spelt) is quite nice.

I didn't get to play with Sharon Ni uspellable in the news room... but I wasn't as boredas I usally am watching the show. (Yes we slagged Mrs O'Donnell, but she made us sound good!)

The after show party heavly featured pizza (I feel sorry for that kid on the delevery scooter) and ended at 3am. I suspect that it's a "last show of the season" type thing.

I got a test saying I had a 3 second closeup.... so much for 15 mins of fame.

Rehersal with the orcherstra tomorrow (Saturday)...
take care,


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