Thursday, May 25, 2006

A little Late Late

2pm for 11.30pm

That's what I'm looking at for tomorrow. 2pm is the time that I'm being called in to Donnybrook for a test run of our bit on The Late Late Show.

The group don't know when we'll be on, but given the song we're doing and the fact that it's the last show of the season, we figure that we are the last item.

Which means that we are stuck in RTE for 9 hours.

So hopefully we'll have learned the music by then.

Oh yeah, the music.
I'm one of the sundry chorus members in the RTE Radio One Mystery Musical. We're doing "Carousel" on Sunday 28th May in The Helix, Dublin. Show up and let me know what you think...

To be honest friends of mine have wanted to know that it's like there.

It's an office. People work there. True, we are in the concert hall, and there's lots of decks and microphones... but then again, I have servers and keyboards at work. Different tools for different folk.

Everyone involved in this has done shows somewhere else... nothing special.

Actually, walking through the very realistic fake set of Carrigstown is a little fun... but it's an empty set.

Everything else is worringly normal... except for a giant arial in the car park.

Of course I'm hoping to find someone to play with in the green room... I don't think we're going to be let play with the guests. Some offices are no fun.

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