Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Remember now, baa means no!

According to The Observer, there is a new manly trend. Men are becoming men, and sheep are getting nervous. This is the thesis of Professor Harvey Mansfield and Manliness.

"Advertisers know what appeals to millions of consumers, and what appeals now is not caring and sharing metrosexuality, but raw old-fashioned manhood." ... "In literature the hot new trend is Fratire, a male alternative to chick lit that celebrates drinking and sex."

I'm not saying that things are getting Gor-like, but this manlniess trend ('The word masculinity is more about the body and physical differences') has been slowly building for some time.

When someone like Yves Staint Laurent starts using kickboxing champions in their advertising, you just know that the view of men in the advertising world has changed. This means that the culturally percieved view is changing.

Or to put it simply.
Beckham is out.
Rooney is in.

Sort of makes a change from the fight club. No random stopming or headbutting. (OK, ignore Rooney on this).

Am I wrong?


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