Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Bye Bye Park

I talked about it not raining yup I jinxed it. It rained Thursday night.

On Friday night... one of the masts broke. Considering that the play opens on a ship, it's sort of important, even if it's only used in the first 10 mins of the play. The people "exciting" the sail (ship in a storm hence the Tempest) put the sail in the pond and left (always look like it's meant to happen).

Also I found out that Denis Tuohy was rather busier than his IMBD profile suggests.

Saturday, rounded the corner of the garners yard to find a large table prepared with food and flowers (still in the pots, borrowed from the growing areas the garnders use). It's a nice way to send us off.

Show went well (we finally got all the timing right) and the partying began.

Sunday... lying down a lot...

I'd like to say I'll miss the park, but I won't. Being forced to be in a place means you usually don't want to see it for some time afterwards. I expect the memories to get rosey some time next month.

take care,


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