Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Tired and shiny

Last night's dress rehearsal went more or less OK. A few microphone problems (forgot to turn on, battery runs out), a wardrobe malfuction (water down the sleeve of the wetsuit), bugs (no, real insects), ducks nesting on the set (!) and a chef from Cafe Paradiso bringing a large lunch for the entire cast... but only 4 forks available.

It finishes pretty close to midnight. So run off. Remove costume and make-up then home.

Unfortunately I have a problem with the make-up. For the "masque" at the end of the play I end up in glitter make-up. Who the hell do you take this stuff off? Instead of removing it it's spread all over my face.

I'm slightly shiny still, two showers and wipes and make-up remover later.



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