Monday, June 12, 2006

My island in the sun

I'm burned.

I'm part of Corcadorca's production of The Tempest. The Corcacorca team build an island in Fitzgerald’s Park... and it's interesting. On the bank holiday, June 2nd, the sun shone; mostly white pasty bodies offered themselves as a sacrifice to the sun all around us.

This weekend was, well, miserable. The thunder and lightening (and resulting rain) of Friday meant that the island was a soggy one (the "grass" is astroturf, but it still absorbs water). Cue the overcast and getting ready to bucket weather, and Saturday was a chilly affair.

I managed to still get sunburnt!
I also caught a cold at the same time which is proof of my ability to multitask.

Anyway, we can now see things begining to come together.
And as long as the 5 lighting conductors we put in the pond aren't used by the elements, we'll be fine.

If soggy.

take care,


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