Thursday, June 29, 2006

Grooving down the river

It's only now that we've gotten in out groove.

Corcadorca's The Tempest ends on Saturday, but after a week and a half, the casts collective bodyclocks are now used to the long hours and well, the mess.

Costumes start to stink after a while, but wetsuits used daily without being able to dry out correctly... not a nice smell. Just as well the audience are not up close and personal.

The ducks are also getting bigger. And used to us. Last night they decided to snuggle up to the "sleeping" Ferdinand (Aonghus Og McAnally). I suspect they are looking forward to the end of the production so they can get their pond back. Their numbers are dwindling... somehow I suspect an altar somewhere covered with bits of (crispy?) duckling thanks to the good weather we've been having. It hasn't rained once during a show.

And there I go and jinx it...

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