Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Past crimes

This sounds like something from a movie...

On a bridle path in the UK nick-named Happy Valley, 12-year-old Keith Lyon was stabbed 11 times in the stomach with a serrated kitchen carving knife after a mob of older teenagers from a rival school jumped him on a Sunday May afternoon. More than 80,000 homes were visited by Sussex police and 6,000 sets of fingerprints were taken from schoolboys in the immediate area. The alleged perpetrators were 16 years old at the time of the crime and have recently been arrested.

So far so tragic but sadly ho-hum.

The murder took place in 1967.

There was a breakthrough in the case "when workmen renovating John Street police station in Brighton broke open a sealed storeroom and found prosecution evidence, including the suspected murder weapon which had been "lost" by the original inquiry team".

My first question is "How on earth do you look not just the evidence, but the entire store-room containing multiple evidence lockers?"

and finally "Can you imaging the cases in there?"

I mean there is an entire series of "CSI" or "Cold Case" just waiting in this as a drama. You have a period piece, namely the first investigation and the case stopping. Then you have the uncovering and a modern case with all the tools and a conviction (or release!).
Do it as a 2 hour long two parter, (a la Silent Witness), and I suspect you have a hit.

Anyone know a production company who would like to help me run with this?

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