Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Power up

Interesting... In the UK, the Currys chain of electrical goods shops are starting to sell solar panels.
"A typical £9,000 system, with nine panels, can generate about 40% of an average household's annual electricity demand, cut bills and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by two tonnes a year." ... "Customers would get an in-store consultation followed by a free assessment to check whether their properties were suitable"

My understanding is that in the UK 'they' will let you sell excess power to the nation grid. The 'they' is the power provider, since privatisation, it seems that most of the power suppliers are open to the idea. In Ireland however, the ESB won't consider it apparently.

While my electrify bill is fairly low, I have a south facing roof and would happily switch from gas to free electricity. Not that £9,000 is free.




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