Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Story hunting

"Literature is news that stays news." - Ezra Pound

Ezra is almost right. Sometimes it's taking an idea being talked about in the news to its outer edge. Sometimes done in a hope that such an action won't happen. Sometimes in a hope that it will. Sometimes under the suspicion that it actually has.

Or sometimes making connections which didn't take place at the time.

I've been talking about writing a play for some time. I call it the "snatched baby" play. I actually did name it "Push" but it appears that there is an opera of the same name in production in London.

The idea came from a film. A film which was never made.
Friends of mine came up with an completely complicated idea involving selling souls, and being a soul agent. The idea was "am I going mad or is it really happening". One person is saying X, while another is saying Y where Y = -X. Or close to the opposite.
Last time I checked, it hadn't happened, but that was a few months ago.

While the idea of a soul agent appeals, heir story was far too surreal for me.

My idea is simpler. A woman gives birth. It's a still-birth. However she is convinced that the baby has been taken from her.
I have done some research on this (The Chemist's wife is a midwife), and it turns out that truth is stranger and more tragic than fiction.

I will post that story, but the point of this is... I'm going to write the play here.
The first draft at least.
Scene by scene, without going back. Sort of Dickens like.
The final version will be a bit tidied-up (medical terms confirmed, turns of phrases tweaked, scenes altered), but this is where the first draft will live.

The play is meant for the stage. This means that is has to be possible to perform this without special effects and quick scene changes (and preferably minimal set changes between scenes).

Is it a stupid idea to try?


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