Thursday, July 13, 2006

Drink-drive advert idea number 1

"John" Male 30's
"Matt" Male 50-60's
"Mary" Female 50-60's

Start (no music - just realistic effects)
Close up of hand "John" ringing doorbell

pull (or cut) back to see John step back from door.
Bandage on cheek. Leg in some type of cast with crutch.

Door opens.

Cut to mid-close up of "Mary"
Clearly recently been crying. Face changes to anger on seeing "John"

Mary : "You... You..."
Runs towards him hitting him ineffectually.
Mary : "It's all your fault"

"John" is taking it.

"Matt" runs out of the house towards the pair and hold "Mary" back.
She turns and starts sobbing on "Matt"'s chest.

Matt (to John) : "Go. Just go."

John turns and walsk away and the pair go back to the house...

Fade to black... visual don't drink and drive slogan...


One of the main problems about the non-effectivness of the Irish road safery campagain is that it's preachy.
Sometimes (often) they aim for shock.

How about trying emotion?

Put together a soap opera with the same central characters. Make people care, and attitudes just might change with it.



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