Friday, July 21, 2006

All stand for the gay national anthem..

I have no doubt that these clips are going to be pulled from YouTube soon for copyright reasons so see them now.

The point of the TV show "I've got a secret" is to guess the "secret" of the guest.
Sometimes they have celebrity guests... this time it's Martha Wash.
You know here stuff even if you've never seen her.
She was the voice of Black Box's "Everybody Everybody", the voice of C+C Music factory's "Gonna make you sweat" and my favourite, "Keep on Jumpin'" in a duet with Jocelyn_Brown.

However, she is also one half of the "Weather Girls" who did "It's Raining Men".

I'll link to the I've Got a Secret clip (be warned of the panels reactions). But I'm embedding the live version of "It's Raining Men".

Jerri Halliwell did a cover of it a few years ago. That video showed a lot of flesh.
Somehow here, her voice is sexier than Ms. Halliwell ever was, and this campy live clip is better than a carefully put together video.



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