Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Okay lads back in the truck

Slate answers a question I never wanted to know... How many cell phones can fit in one rear end?

Some of the quotes from the article has an icky effect; the medical term, "retained colorectal foreign bodies" for a start. However the term "recreational body-packers" got me (and poor June Thomas who has to read the article for the podcast). I assume that the professionals are the smugglers but outside of a very special movie career (and I don't mean Captain Jack Harkness) and the Jim Rose Circus, where can you get paid for it. Don't send me the details, but I'll happily blog the online recruitment advert.

By the way, "The [US] courts have held that anal cavity searches do not necessarily violate the Fourth Amendment". I'm glad I wasn't in court that day.

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