Thursday, October 19, 2006

Food glorious music

On Tuesday Cork saw the visit of
Rick Segal and Shel Israel. Pat Phelan arranged a bloggers dinner in A Taste of Thailand. has a much better picture than my little phone camera got. And of course Donncha and his camera where there.

I arrived late (thus missing the Roam4Free launch and the Talkster deal (hint hint)) but I got there while the dinner tables were being moved around the place. It's interesting to hear Shel tell a story, then read it. Needless to say the delivery is so similar that the world of gossip columnists has missed a master to the VC world.

Rick also regaled us (then the room goes silent to listen to a conversation at one end of the table, its masterful. When he subtly alters the volume to ensure everyone can hear, it's marketing) with his MusicIP business. The business side is interesting, but its struggling a little with my MP3 collection. Still the 4.5 days worth of MP3s will take a while to digest (and that's only a fifth of the pile).

Thanks Pat for arranging this; the food was wonderful. Walking afterwards was the hard part!
And thanks in advance to Tom, who seems to be arranging the next one.

still digesting,

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Anonymous Rachel said...

Hey Will!

My name is Rachel; I'm part of the MusicIP team. While you're waiting for it to analyze your music (yes, it can take a while if you have a large collection or a lot of music we've never been introduced to before), you can still start making mixes from the collection that was analyzed and turned green during the first pass.

If you ever have any questions or ideas for how we can improve the Mixer, please feel free to email me (or Rick, of course) any time.


8:45 p.m., October 19, 2006  
Anonymous Pat Phelan said...

Talkster login in sent Will
Thanks for the link.let me know how you get on with MusicIP please

4:51 p.m., October 20, 2006  

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