Thursday, October 05, 2006

Over, under and through

Michele is looking forward to being able to avoid the weekend traffic snarl up that is Fermoy.

The new M8 Rathcormac-Fermoy Bypass is a toll road costing €1.60 for a car each way.
I know that the people who drove the M50 car-park think it's cheap. The problem simple. This isn't a newly forged pass, the old road still exists, and is cheaper so the toll removes any advantage of the bypass.

For residents of Rathcormac, there is no advantage on taking the new motorway, so they take the old road (the old N8). This old road has wiped out the Watergrasshill by-pass (which is now part of the toll road). Needless to way, this quite town suddenly has a lot of new traffic. To make matters worse, the way to avoid the town involves a series of badly thought out turns and roundabouts. If you're driving a truck, I suspect some of the turns would damage building on that route... so traffic goes through.

For those in Fermoy, it's an interesting story. There isn't a very noticeable change in traffic. After all, if you drive the route twice a day, it's so much cheaper (on petrol and tolls) to not use the toll road.

Tomorrow evening is going to be the big test. Since I have to go in to Fermoy I'll see first hand how well the road is treating the town.

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Blogger Julian said...

Hi Will,

I thought I was the only one who'd noticed they were building a motorway. So far, so good, really. Plenty of grumblers in Fermoy of course, but it's certainly easier going when I drive through at about seven in the evening. The new road had an eerie feeling about it when I tried it out, a bit like the Dublin motorways, but maybe that's just the newness of it and will wear off.

4:19 p.m., October 12, 2006  

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