Friday, September 29, 2006

Light the red touch paper

Politics in general is interesting. Professional politics is even more interesting because most of the niceties of public due process is removed. This seems to be the case in University College Cork UCC.

Today's Irish Examiner has a front page article about mismanagement and bullying in UCC (The Irish Independent seems to have had in on Monday 25th of September, see the Examiner isn't always Munster focused. Former Professor Michael Mortell has called for Education Minister Mary Hanafin investigation into allegations of mismanagement, bullying and intimidation at the college made by Philosophy department head Prof Des Clarke (who is a member of UCC's governing body) with some allegations being directed towards Professor Gerard Wrixon.

As it happens Indymedia Ireland has a detailed article on it, including the newspaper articles, open letters from the professors, minister questions asked in the Dáil and some of the Health and Safety Authority report on University College Cork.

The current focus seems to have begun (or at least the straw breaking this camels back) with an apparent (covering my arse legally) victim of bullying in the university, Dr Stuart Neilson, fought back. I'll hold my hand up here and disclose that I know him and his family, but it's the new rounds of newspaper coverage which has me writing this.

What's worse is that the College seems to have lost its insurance because the level of claims against the university was deemed to be high. I think they still have public liability insurance so don't go falling off any steps.

The Indymedia Ireland article just gets worse and worse. Or at least more interesting.

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