Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Wizards on a plane, and around again

Can you imagine the scene at Heathrow if security hadn't let her have it!

sourced from Guardian Books

JK Rowling, flying from a charity book reading in New York just days after the security clampdown, was confronted with a demand that she consign the unfinished manuscript for the seventh and final volume of the Harry Potter series to the hold.

Eventually security staff in New York to allowed her to take tne manuscript in to the cabin, unwrapped and bound together with elastic bands. The manuscript was largely handwritten and with no back-up copy.

Lost luggage would have been swamped with people hunting for what's considered the most valuable pile of paper at the moment.

In other news... Cracker is back after a 10 year break. Don't worry, Robbie Coltrane / Dr. Eddie 'Fitz' Fitzgerald hasn't changed too much. Cracker will be broadcast on Sunday October 1.

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